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BB   Crime   Protection   Services   embraces   "Quality   Efficiency"   as   one of   the   cornerstones   of   our   business.   We   do      a   free   risk   assessment   to all   our   potential   clients.   We   have   implemented   an   in-house   stringent quality   management   system   based   on   the   ISO   9001:2001   Quality Assurance   Standard   through   client   specific   policies   and   procedures, which   is   driven   by   management   and   supported   by   our   personnel. Every    contract    that    BB    Crime    Protection    works    on    is    managed according    to    our    Quality    Management    System,    which    includes    a commitment   to   a   sound   environmental   policy   implemented   by   well trained staff. Through   our   Internal   QMS   we   provide   a   high   standard   of   security services,   which   reduces   the   risks   associated   with   security   issues   by continually   insisting   on   operating   based   on   our   QMS   Policies,   Plans and   Procedures.   These   risks   may   include   public   safety,   commercial safety    and    technology    protection.    The    quality    processes    demand continual   improvement   through   client   feedback   on   an   ongoing   basis which   enables   us   to   identify   and   improve   upon   any   weaknesses   in our   service   delivery,   all   in   the   interest   of   promoting   long   term   client relations and service excellence. BB Crime Protection Services is affiliated to many institutions and associations and has received the following accreditations: PSIRA UIF National Occupational Services Association SASSETA ITA SAPS

In addition

Our     operation     has     not     yet     been certified   by   the   South   African   Bureau of    Standards,    however    we    have    an Operations   Executive   with   previous   8 years’   experience   with   quality   systems and    currently    applying    and    ensuring requirements    of    ISO    9001    with    the intention   of   being   accredited   by   2014. In   addition,   our   security   personnel   are registered      with      PSIRA      and      are assessed      regularly      through      our internal quality systems.